How to update TMPro2 hardware


How to update TMPro2 hardware

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TMPro2 hardware update instruction:
Why do you need update TMPro2 hardware?
Because you will get these extras after you get TMPro box updated:
Special place for wedge shape ceramic transponder for easy fixing during reading and programming operations.

Special place for round shape glass transponder for easy fixing during reading and programming operations.

Rubber feet for stable fixing on worktable.

How to step by step update TMPro2 hardware?
1.Get update set.update set is shown on picture below.

2.Open your old TMPro box and remove main board from it.

3.Solder pads of red antenna to antenna wires.It doesn`t matter which wire to which antenna pad will be soldered.

4.Insert round 8-pin connector into hole of new box.

5.Screw and tighten round connector.

6.Pass antenna thru hole.

7.Place antenna in hole and firmly press on left and right side till you hear “CLICK” sound.

8.Screw main board on down cover using 2 of screws from old box.

9.Here is how box looks before final assembling.

10.Place down cover and fix it in the groove from USB connector side (back side of box).

11.Firmly press on both sides of other end of cover (front side of box) till you hear ‘’CLICK” sound from both sides.

12.If box is assembled correctly,it must look like this.

13.Your new TMPro box is ready for use.Enjoy.
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