Tech 2 scan tool review: everything worked


Tech 2 scan tool review: everything worked

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I just received my new Tech 2 scan tool a few days ago. There are quite a few people now ordering these scanners to do diagnostics on there 2005-2012 C6s, so I thought I would show you a product I found to store your new scanner. I ordered my scanner without their plastic storage case because their case looked pretty cheap and was an extra $35.00.. If any of you guys or gals have a Tech 2 scanner and need a case , I found one that fits the tool perfectly and is way better looking then the companys case.. I picked this one up at Harbor Freight for $24.95.. Included are both dividers for separating the items, and foam that can be cut to hold the scanner and wires... I used just the dividers because the fit was perfect. The inside of the case is also fully padded , so drops or bumps won't hurt the scanner, the outside is made of aluminum with reinforced corners...This is a great deal for the money ...WW

Update: I haven't had much scan time with it so far.. I did hook it up to my car and make sure everything worked... I have used the GM Tech 2 made by Bosch and this seems to be every bit as well made as that unit... I paid $289.00 at a company called (chinacardiags ) ,it took about 10 days to receive the scanner , and it comes well packed and the packaging is pretty much crush proof... I got free shipping on mine, but it looks like they are charging shipping now but have dropped the price of the unit a few dollars..The nice thing about this site is you can use Paypal to pay for it instead of a charge card.......WW

Here's the site....


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