Condor XC-MINI locked After Set the Access Code


Condor XC-MINI locked After Set the Access Code

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iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine is most powerful and competitive auto key cutting machine.Supports update online.Meanwhile,condor mini can doSided/Track/Dimple/Tibbe keys and some Dimple/Tibbe keys need optional clamps.

We received email that 1."The condor xc mini.when is locked after set the access code",how can solve the problem?


Please use the password:123456.Then it is OK to enter.

Q:can not find 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Van Y170 key in condor key cutting machine database,how to cut key?
A:there are 2 methods cutting Y170:
1.main inte***ce---cut by bitting---enter 'Y160'(Y160 8cuts same as Y170)
2.update machine to 4.0.1 version,then select universal type main inte***ce----key duplication----universal type

Q:How can I cut key like BW9 or zd30 with Condor xc-mini key cutting machine?these are silca symbols.
A:Cut by bitting—–enter zd30—–then key decode or cutting
BW9 you can update machine to 4.0.1,then key duplication—-universal type—–then decode key or cutting.



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