Autel MD802 Manual: best price, update, vehicle coverage


Autel MD802 Manual: best price, update, vehicle coverage

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Autel MD802 best price: €193.99

Autel MD802 ds:

Autel maxidiag elite MD802 update: Online

Autel MD802 update cost: Free

Autel MD802 vs Autel MD802 vs Autel MD808 vs Autel MD808 Pro:

  Autel MD802 (four systems) Autel MD802 (full systems) Autel MD808 (four systems) Autel MD808 Pro (full systems)  
Software Features  
Read/Erase Codes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
View Live Data Yes Yes Yes Yes  
View Freeze Frame Data Yes Yes Yes Yes  
View I/M Readiness Status Yes Yes Yes Yes  
View Vehicle Information Yes Yes Yes Yes  
O2 Monitor Test Yes Yes Yes Yes  
On-board Monitor Test Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Component Test Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Modules Present Yes Yes Yes Yes  
DTCs Help Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Oil Service Reset Yes Yes Yes Yes  
EPB Brake Pads Replacement Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Save and Playback Data Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Print Data via Windows PC Yes Yes Yes Yes  
System Coverage Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS All systems Engine, Transmission,ABS, SRS All systems  
Steering Angle Learning     Yes Yes  
DPF functions     Yes Yes  
BatterYesRegistration and Reset     Yes Yes  
Hardware Features
Display 320x240 dpi 320x240 dpi 800x480 LCD 800x480 LCD
Memory 32M + 16G 32M + 16G 32M + 16G 32M + 16G
Power Consumption 1.7 W 1.7 W 1.7 W 1.7 W
Weight 280 g (0.62 lb.) 280 g (0.62 lb.) 313 g (0.69 lb.)
313 g (0.69 lb.)

AutelMD802 vehicle coverage: incl MD701 MD702 MD703 MD704

AutelMD802 review: FAQs

Q: Does this tool include the 38 pin mercedes benz adapter, 20pin BMW, 14 pin Nissan, and 16 pin CCD cable?
A: The Autel MD 802 MaxiDiag does not come with any adpters for any vehicles period. Includes only the OBD2 Cable and printer software CD and manual.

Q: Trying to replicate MB transmission temp monitoring in real time. Will this unit monitor ATF fluid temps in real time?
A: I have bought this model and used it successfully to monitor the ATF in real time. This was required when flushing the ATF on my Renault Laguna (2002).

Q: Will this tool read the abs codes on a 2002 suzuki grand vitara ?
A: Should read, and clear your ABS codes.

Q: will this work on 02 boxster srs and 02 xtype/05 s40 oil change reset?
A: It shows support for oil reset for Boxster(987). As for Jaguar it has support for: 2010-2014 xk, 2008-20014 xf, 2010-2014 XJ range, 2014 F type.

Q: Can this do ECU adaptation/programming and programming for keys like the Autel DS708 and Autel Maxisys Pro M908?
A: No, it just a scanner.

Q: Will it read 2001 honda crv ABS & srs codes?
A: Yes it reads honda.

Q:Anyone used the MD802 to troubleshoot & diagnose the SRS system on a 2000 Volvo S70?
A: I have not used it on a Volvo. It has worked great on every car that I have used it on so far. Before you buy you might want to be sure that the S70 is available for download on the update website. Hope this helps.

Q: can you use this on a Toyota tundra 5.7 2007?
A: Absolutely yes.

Q: Will AutelMD802 scanner diagnose both petrol and diesel cars?
A: Yes. It supports both petrol/gasline and diesel cars.

Autel maxidiag elite MD802 manual:


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