2014 BMW X3 all key lost match process (VVDI PROG programmer + VVDI2)


2014 BMW X3 all key lost match process (VVDI PROG programmer + VVDI2)

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The first step to open the door with a combo (HU92)

The second step to dismantle the CAS computer (below the steering wheel) to increase the key experience in the past that: 14 years x3 for the CAS4 +, throw all need to disassemble the engine computer, open the front cover, remove the engine top panel, remove the engine computer, Guard board on the convenient note that the computer for the N20

Remove this CAS computer and engine computer, get back to the store to do the key

(1) open the CAS computer, that this CPU is 5M48H. Open the VVDI prog programmer http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/wholesale/vvdi2-key-programmer.html , select the anti-theft BMW CAS4-5M48H backup read, according to the wiring diagram to read the data and save (the picture shows the demolition of the map method)

(2) to read the engine computer data, select the launch BMW F-N20 wiring according to the wiring diagram (personal recommendations using 6.0 flat knife eye) do not break through!

With tweezers clip off the figure on the iron

BMW N20 engine computer to read the data, the engine in the lower left corner to drill, connect BOOTM line

In accordance with the wiring diagram connected to the line, in the screwdriver on the welding BOOTM line, and then use a screwdriver to withstand BOOTM point, read the data

Read the success and save, the lower left corner of the programmer status bar shows the frame number and ISN code

(3) read and save the CAS and engine computer data, open VVDI2 start writing key selection BMW

Select the file generation key CAS4 + 5M48H, click OK

Load CAS data

Key state and remote control frequency, etc., select the key 4 to generate the dealer key

Note that the following three options, we choose the second load the engine computer data, click Next

The device prompts to generate the key about 30 seconds, put a new key in the VVDI2 coil, click OK

Prompt to generate a key success, just insert or paste into the induction area to learn

Recovery read the data during the removal of the device loading

BMW x3 sensor area on the right side of the steering wheel (put the generated key to the sensor area, has been pressed until the start)




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