VXDIAG A3 Ford IDS Review: Tested on Mondeo - Yes!


VXDIAG A3 Ford IDS Review: Tested on Mondeo - Yes!

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Test: Allscanner VXDIAG A3 Multi Tool 3 in 1
Car: Ford Mondeo 2.0L
Software: Ford IDS 100
Step 1: Open VX MANAGER to check the VXDIAG device connection issues

Step 2: Open the virtual machine player VMware.
Here: Ford IDS 100 Windows 7 VM (RAM: 2GB)

Note that after entering the virtual machine to see whether the USB icon is lit, indicating that the device has been connected to the machine
Step 3: Open IDS for Ford diagnostic tests

VXDIAG A3 Ford IDS 100 Testing on Mondeo:
Connect to the vehicle: Start new session-> all other

Check the vehicle information; click on Yes if correct

Enter vin and confirm vehicle info again

Self test: full vehicle scan fault codes

Datalogger: view module data flow

Tested by professionals working for chinacardiags.com


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