Tabscan S8 WiScan T6 Car list & instruction


Tabscan S8 WiScan T6 Car list & instruction

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Tabscan S8 Diagnostic tool has a j2534 diagnostic module WiScan T6,It is used in conjunction with the software in the EUCLEIA Tabscans8 tablet. (Wiscan T6 is a J2534 diagnostic tool that is compatible with J2534 standard inte***ce and supports most of the original diagnostic software. It realizes PC original diagnostic function. Wiscan T6 is professional, reliable, fast, flexible and adaptable. It is a repair shop and technician. The ideal J2534 tool for original diagnostics) Support for third-party and original diagnostics compatible with SAE-J2534. Fully compatible with the SAE-J2534 standard inte***ce; Use Windows system online ECU diagnostics, can be used as a factory diagnostic tool; The product supports online upgrades.  
WiScan T6 Car list:
ModelDiagnostic softwareSupported version
GMGDS2V15.0.147, running virtual machine
MercedesXENTRY2017.05 version
ToyotaGTSVersion 11.30.137
HondaHDS (HONDA Diagnostic System)Version 3.101.044
VolvoVIDA (Vehicle information& Diagnostic Information System Service)2014D version
Volkswagen, AudiODIS (Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service)4.13 and subsequent versions, with Bentley and Lamborghini, with an ElsaWin query tool software
BMWGeneral diagnostic ISTA/D; expert mode ISTA/PGeneral diagnostic ISTA/D (version 4.04); expert mode ISTA/P (version
PorschePIMS18.1, running a virtual machine
Wiscan T6 support protocol: ISO-9141 K-Line ISO-14230 K-Line ISO-15765 K-Line ISO-11898 DWCAN SAE-J1850-VPW(GM Class2) SAE-J1850-PWM(FORD SCP) SAE-J2411 Single Wire CAN(GMLAN) SAE-J2610 SCI(Chrysler) SAE-J2740 GM ALDL SAE-J2809 (HONDA DIAG-H) VAG TP16 CAN VAG TP20 CAN(SAE J2819) VAG KW81(SAE J2818) BMW DS2 FORD UBP  
WiScan T6 J2534 test 2007 Toyota Yaris:


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