Yanhua Mini ACDP Price (single moudle)


Yanhua Mini ACDP Price (single moudle)

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Yanhua Mini ACDP Price (single moudle):
[th]Module Number[/th][th]Module Name[/th][th]Function[/th][th]Price (USD)Did not include shipping costs[/th]
ACDP ProgrammerBasic ModuleSupport 93 /24/ 25 / 35/ 95 Series EEPROM in circuit programming (ICP) and on adapter board programming (OBP), and parts of Freescale / NEC MCU in circuit programming(ICP). This module is a necessary basic configuration for other modules.159
1CAS Module(1) Support CAS1 – CAS3+ IMMO key programming by OBD or ICP mode, Mileage reset, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH data.
(2) Support CAS4/CAS4+ IMMO key programming in circuit programming (ICP), Mileage reset, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH data.
2FEM/BDC ModuleSupport FEM/BDC IMMO key programming by ICP or OBP mode, Mileage reset, Recover/Backup data.339
3ISN ModuleRead/write N20/N55/N13 ISN code via OBD.
Read/write MSV80/MSD85 ISN code without opening DME shell.
Read/write other DME ISN code by opening DME shell.
435160 ModuleSupport erase/adjust mileage of 080DOWQ/T,160DOWQ/T EEPROM.99
5Fujitsu CPU MB91F ModuleSupport Fujitsu CPU MB91F (Honda Fit, KIA K3/K5, Sonata 9, etc.) Mileage adjustment.79
6MQB/MMC InstrumentSupport parts of VDO mileage adjustment of VW MQB platform via OBD,and Passat MMC (NEC D70F3525 + 95320) instrument adjustment after years 2015 by ICP mode.79
7Refresh BMW keyRefresh BMW E chassis/F chassis key to make BMW keys can be used repeatedly.50
8FRM module (FRM Footwell module)Read and write BMW FRM module (FRM Footwell module) 0L15Y chip EEPROM/FLASH data. Read and write 3M25J chip EEPROM/D-FLASH/P-FLASH data.30


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