BMW FEM/BDC Programming Tutorial


BMW FEM/BDC Programming Tutorial

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FEM/BDC programming - HOW TO?

Here you go

You need:

FEM/BDC programmer Yanhua

Orange 5 programmer


2014 BMW 1 series


Make sure the voltage of the car is above 13v and stable

Connect FEM/BDC dongle with laptop and plug it to OBD socket

Click connect and backup coding data;

Save the original file which will be used in the step 4

After the original file is saved, click step 2 Update FEM

When this window pops up, don’t click OK;

Disconnect the battery to the car first;

Then take off the FEM;

Remove these plugs

Note: Better take a photo before in case of you forget the order

Make sure you take off the right chip

Solder off the 8-pin chip;

Read the 8-pin chip using Orange5 programmer; then save

Load the original file and generate the new file

Write the EEPROM file (generated just now) back to the 8-pin chip

Solder it back to FEM/BDC

Power on the car

Click OK to continue

Make sure you power on the car again; otherwise it would pop up error

Note: start from where you stop if the error comes to you


Upload images of programming inte***ce:

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