What should I do before use Lonsdor k518ise do bmw FEM


What should I do before use Lonsdor k518ise do bmw FEM

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Lonsdor k518ise http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/lonsdor-k518ise-key-programmer-with-odometer-adjustment.html do bmw FEM Must read key information before operation:

Pretreatment process

1,0BD connection car backup original encoding file

2, remove the FEM programmer to read the original E print P data to save the desktop,

Import the original EEP into the K518ise customs le folder

Perform the second step of the program on the K518 to generate the service mode EEP,

The system will generate a file with the NEW name and save it in the K518 custom i le

3, write the generated NEW file to FEM, loading and programming

4, FEM is disassembled when the programming is completed, the original car EEP is written back to FEM, and the loading is performed.

Restore EEP

5, perform recovery coding

Generate dealer key

1, generate the dealer key with the original car key

2, all lost ISN code generation dealer key


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